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I have great, exciting, gigantic news!  

Mama Rosemary is moving to a new beautiful blogging platform!

(Well, I guess this probably isn’t as exciting for you as it is for me….)

It is going to get a bit dusty and crazy over the next couple of weeks yet, I am hopeful that Mama Rosemary’s new home will prove to be cozy and lovely.

Sadly, my wonderful supportive friends who are followers will be lost in this move.

I don’t want to lose you!  

So if you are a follower and would like to keep following me, please either follow Mama Rosemary via email or on Mama Rosemary’s Facebook Page.

Thanks so much for reading and following, you all are great!


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Good Morning! The holidays are fast approaching and many of us herbies are crafting away making gifts for all the amazing folks in our lives. I wanted to share these wonderful presents my girls and I made last year for their teachers. Any one of these gifts would be great for all the special people in your life. My favorite recipe though is the candy cane bath salts we made. The are so fun to look at, smell great and are colored with roses and beet powder. Are you making anything special for gift giving? I would love to hear about it!!

Mama Rosemary ~ Has Moved!

Over the years our family has been truly blessed by all the wonderful teachers that have taught our children.  Amazing souls that have nourished and cared for our children, striving to do their best with each interaction.   Having guided and taught my kids with love, insight and a firm hand;  every single one of these people has not only passed on the required material but have also imparted their own unique wisdom and gifts to my children.  This is a most precious gift.

Our supply of gifts all done.

My kids and I love to make something special to give to these amazing people as a small gesture to tell them thank you and that we really do appreciate them.  The holidays provide a perfect reason to gift our teachers.  In years past we have made everything from cookies to hand painted picture frames to bath salts to tiny terrariums planted in glass balls.  This…

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Mama Rosemary

The change is complete!  Moon Sprig is now Mama Rosemary and I am so excited!

I hope you enjoy the new look and organization.

I can’t wait to get busy sharing all the great ideas and projects I have in mind.

Thank you for reading.

Coming Up Next ~ Thyme And Lemon Balm Honey

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Pondering Meditation

Perceptive Pint Size Ponderings For Your Monday Amusement

One of my favorite things about being with children is the insightful, funny and innocent things they say.  We have all heard them and hopefully had a heart warming, funny or ah-ha moment inspired by the sweetness of a child

Here is something particularly perceptive, amusing or wonderful that I had the honor of being part of…

One of my kids took her first steps on my yoga mat.  Little feet pressing steadily into the ground while she carefully raised her delightful body towards the sky.  Then she took a step and another and another.  This same little child now meditates when she is mad, which seems to happen most often in light of the morning at the bus stop.  (Well, let’s face it, getting ready to go in the morning can be a trial even on the best of days.)

So, it wasn’t really a surprise when recently during a particular anxious mommy moment she gazed at me with big wise brown eyes and said, “Momma, you really need to meditate.”

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This is a lovely post by Sincerely, Emily with great ideas for using one of my favorite plants. Enjoy!

Not Dabbling In Normal

My Gram always grew red geraniums in the summer. Each fall she would severely cut them back and they would sit through the winter on the high window ledge in the laundry room in our basement where it stayed cool. Those common geraniums have a district smell to them; sort of like a tomato plant has a district smells to them. I can’t describe it, but if you have smelled either one you know what I mean.

While I don’t have any of the common geraniums like Gram did, I always smile when I see one and think of her.

I also remember my mom would have scented geraniums from time to time and I always enjoyed the different types she had.  They were always so alluring, drawing me over to brush a leaf and inhale slowly and deeply, drinking in that soft, subtle scent.

Remembering those wonderful scents and…

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