Wild Oats, Milky Oats, Oatstraw ~ Avena sativa

This is an amazing plant, with many wonderful uses!   Oat creates a sense of well being, supporting the emotions and integrity of the individual.  My beautiful teacher Feather Jones used to say wild oats “opens the door that allows healing to happen!”   (This is typical of most nervines.)  Most notably Oats is a nutritive tonic and restorative for the nervous system.  Oat provides essential vitamins and minerals to the nervous system.  Use on its own or with relaxant or stimulatory nervines to fortify the nervous system; it has been shown that Oat will rebuild the myelin sheath which surrounds and protects nerves.   Indicated for nervous debility or exhaustion with depression; fatigue, even with a good sleep; dark circles under the eyes; heart palpitations when pushing too hard; and/or stimulant abuse.  Beneficial for those who have suffered abuse, resulting in sexual debility.  Helps addicts of any sort deal with withdrawal from their drug of choice.  Traditionally used for acute or chronic anxiety.  Use externally to help heal skin itchy or abraded, soothe the nerves and treat the aching of rheumatism.   Well known is the oatmeal bath for rashes and itchy skin.

Make use of this gentle, wonderful plant:

  • Oatstraw in infusion
  • Milky Oatseed tincture, this is the most powerful way to use oat
  • Eat Oatmeal
  • Use in baths:
    Make a strong infusion of oatstraw, strain and pour it in!
    Angela’s Favorite Soothing Bath:
    Combine equal parts oatmeal, powdered milk and chamomile blossoms.  Add the following essential oils to suit: rose absolute, mandarin and lavender (go easy on this, so as not to over power the rest!)  Mix everything together.  Put a small handful in a sock, tie off at the top and throw in the tub, fill the tub with very warm water and squeeze the gooey goodness out of the sock while you softy scrub your worries away!  Totally Yummy!
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