MYO Flower Fairies

These make the perfect little friend for playing with in the garden!

Over the years I have crafted many wee fairy friends with my daughters, my daughters’ friends and my little friends at preschool.  Each fairy is as unique as the child who made it, right down to their hand-drawn faces.

We have even created elves using silk leaves and hot glue to make clothing.  There is really no end to this project and what you can do, just look around for tiny accessories, tools and anything else that strikes your fancy!  Right now I am thinking tiny birds perched on little fairy hands could be fun!  When you are done making your fairy, create a home-grown fairy garden or fairy house for your fairy!

This project originally comes from Spoonful, thank you Spoonful for the great idea!


Materials ~

  • Wooden Beads
  • Chenille Stems (assorted colors)
  • Silk Flowers that can be easily pulled apart
  • Embroidery Floss (assorted colors)
  • Fairy Accessories ~ little hats, tiny flowers, small insects, jewels, ribbons, acorn hats, feathers, and tiny garden tools etc…
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Sharpies or Markers

Instructions ~

This project is fun for little kids and big kids alike.  Little children will need lots of help with each step.  An adult should do the hot gluing.  Older kids can make these fairies all by themselves once they know the steps and are safe using the glue gun.  In fact yesterday afternoon both my girls (age 11 and 7) spent the afternoon together crafting fairies!

~ The Face~

Start by having the child draw a face if so desired on the bead.  Make sure that the holes on the bead line up with the top and bottom of the fairy’s head.  You can also rub the fairy’s head with the glue stick and attach glitter for a sparkly fairy dust face.   

~ Hair and Body ~

Have the child choose a chenille stem for the body and embroidery floss for the hair.  Wrap the floss around your fingers to form a large loop of floss, going around many times.  Go around more fingers to make longer hair and less fingers for shorter hair.

creating hair

Then take the chenille stem and bend it in half around the loop of embroidery floss.  You can either bend the stem around the middle of the floss or closer to one end of the floss bundle which will create longer hair and potentially little bangs!attaching the hair

~ Attaching the Head to the Body ~

Once you have bent the stem around the floss, simply thread both ends of the chenille stem through the wooden bead.  Now you have the hair at the top of the head and the two ends of the chenille stem will create the body and legs.

attaching the head

happy fairy

~ Hair Style ~

At this point you can take some time to style your fairy’s hair if you wish.  You can cut the loops of the embroidery floss to create loose hair ends. and you can give you fairy a braid, pony tail or even a hair cut!  

fairy haircut

Fun accessories to consider are little crowns and hats decorated with tiny flowers and ribbons.  Check out the little hat we decorated.

garden hat

Happy fairy

I usually secure the hair to the head by rubbing a glue stick on the back of the fairy’s head and then pressing the embroidery floss into the glue.  And if we make bangs I do the same at the top front of the head.  This step really helps to hold everything together.

~ Arms and Wings ~

To make the arms have the child choose another chenille stem and cut it in half.  Then center this little half piece underneath the two chenille stems that extend out from the bottom of the wooden bead and wrapping right at the base of the bead, go around from front to back 1 or 2 times until the arms are the length you want them to be.  You can create little hands by folding the poky sharp end of the chenille stem in on it’s self 1 or 2 times.  creating arms

Creating the wings is very similar, using yet another chenille stem.  Look for sparkly stems for sparkly fairy wings!  To make the wings take the chenille stem you are using and center it on underneath the arms.  Starting from the front just like you did with the arms, wrap the chenille stem around those two chenille stems (which extend from the base of the bead) and twist into a wing shape.  You can also hot glue feathers to the fairy’s body to create wings!



 ~ Skirt and Clothing ~

Take a silk flower and pull it apart until you have little circles of petals with a hole in the center.  Then simply thread the two chenille stems that create the body through the hole.  

fairy skirt

Now you have a skirt!  You may want to twist the chenille stems under the skirt a little to hold the skirt on more tightly or even glue the flower on.  You can take petals from several different flowers and layer them to create a full colorful skirt if you want.  My daughter added feathers to her fairy’s skirt by hot gluing the feathers to flower petals.  feather fairyAnother variation is to take some of the leaves from the silk flowers and using a hot glue gun fold them around the legs to make pants!  You can create little feet by folding the poky sharp end of the chenille stem in on it’s self 1 or 2 times.

 ~ Now Your Fairy Is Done ~

Consider giving her or him a flower or crystal to hold, a butterfly friend to perch on a wing or a garden hoe!


wings from the back

Wishing You Lots Of Magic Fairy Fun!

More Fairy Fun ~

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Rose ‘n’ Salt Dough Finger Prints For Mother’s Day

Precious little hands stay tiny for such a short while.  I am so in love with making a keepsake of this very special time, of those amazingly beautiful little fingers and palms.

dough prints

Pink rose petals in this dough are to symbolize love and motherhood, plus they give the dough a very delicate fragrance.

pink rose petals

I did this simple little project both at home with my girls and at the preschool, making two different versions.  At home we made a big plaque with both my big girls hands pressed into the dough, their thumbs overlapping.  The kids at the preschool cut out hearts from the rosy salt dough and pressed their fingers into the dough.  Both versions are totally cute and precious!

~ Materials ~

This makes enough dough for 15 hearts about 2″ by 3″ and one 8″ by 6″ plaque.  You can cut the recipe it in half if you want!

  • 4 cups of flour
  • 2 cups of salt
  • 1 1/2 to 2 cups of water, rose tea or rose-water for fragrance
  • 2 tsp. cream of tartar
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fluffy pink rose petals
  • straw
  • heart-shaped cookie cutter, optional
  • ribbons
  • sharpie marker, optional

~ Instructions ~

  • Blend together the flour, salt,  cream of tartar and rose petals.  
  • Next add the water a little bit at a time until you get a nice doughy consistency that holds together but is not sticky.  I did this all in my Kitchen Aid the night before going into the preschool and it was easy!  You could certainly mix this up with the kids too, which I am sure they would enjoy.  
  • At this point you are ready to make your shapes and prints, or you can refrigerate the dough in an air tight bag if, like me, you won’t be using it until the next day.  
  • Roll or press the dough out.

dough all pressed out

  • Either shape the dough to desired shape or cut out heart shapes with your cookie cutter.
  • Press the child’s hand into the dough.  You may need to talk with them about spreading their fingers apart.  Most of the kids I worked with instinctively placed their hand on the dough with their fingers all held together.  Also you may need to help them press their fingers into the dough.


  • Use the straw to poke a little hole for hanging.
  • Dry these in the oven at a low temp for a couple of hours.  Be sure to keep a close eye on them and flip them half way through the drying process.  Or you can let them air dry for a couple of days.
  • Use the sharpie to write the child’s name and their age or the date on the back of the heart/plaque and add a pretty ribbon for hanging.


You could also paint these with modge podge to preserve them.  Or you could let the kiddos paint them to add a nice little personal touch.  Because we used the roses we aren’t going to paint ours so we can see and smell the roses!

A little poem to go with this sweet gift would be a lovely addition.  I found all a wonderful collection of poems on Can Teach.  Most of them make me tear up thinking about my own little ones growing up so very fast!

Mother's Day 2013

More Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts ~

Some Sweet Foot Lovin’ For Mother’s Day

When I was researching this project I found a lot of wonderful salt dough recipes to choose from.  Here are two that I used the most for inspiration:

Create, Craft, Love and eHow Mom

Are you making gifts for Mother’s Day this year?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Easy Peasy Fairy Dinosaur Garden ~ A Group Project

I love fairies.  The idea of tiny magic creatures taking care of nature has always intrigued me.  It is a bit of magic.  A bit of loveliness.  Add some dinosaurs and you have all you need for creative fun!

A few weeks ago we made a fairy garden together.  We started with a large pot of dirt and slowly built our garden over the course of the morning playing with it and giving it lots of love as we went.  Each child got to pick from an array of items (including a few plants) to add something special to our garden.  They chose where to put each item.  It was a simple craft that engaged their senses and gave them a sense of ownership in something that would be a part of their school.

This fun project was so simple to prepare.  I just looked through my craft supplies and gathered together things I thought the kids might like.  I was lucky to have some left over fairy like things and dinosaurs from previous projects.  I had glass rocks, little birds and nest, figurines, silk flowers,  shells and even grass seed to grow a lawn.   Really anything would work for this project, just let your imagination (and the kids’ too) guide you!  It is great fun to craft your own fairies for this project too!

Busy hands…

This is our sprouted sweet potato.  We suspended a sweet potato in water for a few weeks watching leaves and roots sprout!  Then we planted it in our garden.  Sadly a neighborhood squirrel came by and devoured the potato…

Taking form…

Tools for the fairies! I found this rake packaged with a little shovel and trowel at Hobby Lobby.

 Sparkly blue stone path…

 A dinosaur has moved in…

A bird has found a home…

A froggy friend…

All Done!  And two fairies have moved in!  Find one chatting with some dinosaurs while hanging out on the bench while the other (wearing the straw sun hat) is hard at work in the garden.

More Fairy Fun ~

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The Power of a Mother’s Love

When did I first learn about love?

Did it happen with my baby’s first belly jiggling laugh or when she first looked into my eyes and said love you? Perhaps it was when I meet my now husband over Thanksgiving break from college.  And I felt a searing pain in my heart every time we had to separate while I finished out that long school year away from home, away from him. Or was it even when a stranger passing by on the street offered me the honor of a heart-felt smile?

The love I found in all of these profound experiences was based on a foundation built long ago near the beginning of my life.  And it was my mother who taught me about love, as most mother’s do.  She was my hero, my everything when I was a small child.  All that sweetness she had poured into me everyday filled me up and one day was solidified while I played in our backyard.

Nestled securely in the middle of my beloved tire swing, I was twisting the tire round and round.  With each successful turn a delightful popping kink of the hanging rope would gratify my efforts.  I struggled to keep my feet in place with each turn as the tension from the rope sought to undo all of my hard work.  Finally the rope, being all bunched up with tension, would go no further.  Looking forward to my destined ride, as I had a hundred times before, I lifted me feet from the ground, held on tight and with eyes closed I began a fast spin.  This time though, something went terribly wrong and in an instant I was slammed to the ground tangled up in tire and rope.  The rope had broken and I, being a very small child, was trapped beneath a tire to heavy to move.  Feelings of shock and pain began to consume me when an angel appeared to free me from the tire.  The angel was my mother.  I couldn’t imagine where she had come from or how she had known I need help but she was there right when I needed her.  Such a feeling of love and appreciation filled my heart that I was overwhelmed.  Turns out she was folding laundry and watching me from the window that looked out underneath our porch, while I had no idea she was anywhere nearby.  This was the moment, this moment when I really needed someone and that very special someone was there.  This was the moment when I learned about love in a deep yet conscious way.  While she rescued me from the swing, I felt the world become a safe and beautiful place.  I knew that she would be there for me when I needed her, that I could trust and believe.  And, as I moved forward into my life I carried this deep knowledge and used it to recognize love everywhere.

Even now I am blessed to learn more about love everyday.  Everyday with my kids and husband there is more to learn, more to experience.  Each day I witness acts of kindness and caring in the world, cherishing even the smallest of gestures.  Mostly what I am learning about now is love for myself and appreciation for life simply as it is. With each breath and each step I endeavor to appreciate and love myself, those around me, my world and embrace being alive.

 Thanks Mom!

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Some Sweet Foot Lovin’ For Mother’s Day

This time of year we are always busy preparing something for those loveliest of people…  Mommies.

This May we are making foot soaks for pampering hard-working feet and to go with it?  The cutest footprint butterflies!

Footprint Butterflies

We started on our butterflies yesterday.  They are really easy to make and the kids love it!  I think mostly because they get to have their feet painted and who wouldn’t get a kick out of that?  It tickles and it is silly!

For time purposes I drew the butterfly’s body for each child with their chosen color, though you could certainly have the child do this part.   Then they drew in the face.  We got some cute facial expressions!

With the butterfly body all set up, I had the child choose the colors for their butterfly’s wings and I asked them how they wanted their feet painted ~ all the colors on each foot?

Or one foot painted one color and the other foot another? With the kid sitting in a child-size chair, the fun began… we painted their feet and pressed them down on paper.

Lots of giggles ensued and with many other little ones watching on, we had a fun morning together.  Doing just one foot at a time made it easy to keep the mess under control.  I helped them place their foot in the right spot to make butterfly wings.

Then we finished with a quick rinse in a tub of water and I wiped their feet off with a towel I had on hand.

Foot Soaks

This coming week we are going to make foot soaks to go along with our butterflies.

Here is the recipe we are going to use:

  • 1 cup of Epsom salts
  • 1/2 cup of baking soda
  • 1 Tbs of ground ginger
  • 1 Tbs of lavender blossoms
  • A 4 to 8  drops of essential oil ~ I will let the children choose their favorite for their mommy from lavender, cedarwood, cardamom, ylang ylang, rose geranium, spearmint and rosemary.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir.  Tie off your bag with a pretty ribbon or twisty tie.  Add a label with information about the ingredients and how to use it.  This recipe will make enough for one to two mommies.  Increase the proportions as needed.  Easy Peasy!

Note:  Using a foot bath is easy and relaxing.  Just use a bowl or basin with enough room for your feet.  Fill it with warm water.  Put your feet and then your foot soak in and relax.  I like to keep a towel nearby to dry off with and a nice foot oil or shea butter to put on afterwards.  Then top off with some snuggly socks!  Heaven.  Heaven for Mommies….

The Gift

Often I will use simple brown paper bags at the preschool.  For gifts there is nothing better.  I let the kids decorate the bags and then we wrap up our gifts.  For Mother’s Day, I plan to package them all up something like this:

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