Viola odorata

Traditionally used as a nutritive food, Violet is a wonderful nourishing plant that eases and soothes with it’s gentle sliminess.  Violet acts on the reproductive system, nerves, lungs, and immune system and has a unique alliance with the breasts. Use as a vitamin rich food, which supports digestion, making it even more healthful.  For respiratory aliments especially those associated with coughing and thick, yellow catarrh.  Helps fight cancer of the breasts, lungs, lymphatic glands, urinary tract and GI tract.  Violets will decrease swellings and soreness in breast tissue, for instance, in mastitis, cancer, fibrocystic breasts, PMS, and lumps.  Violet soothes and eases headaches and tension by gently cooling and supporting the body and the nerves.  Violet supports the heart like a compassionate and kind friend, and thereby helps people through times of grief and heartache.  Externally, use the leaves to treat all sorts of skin problems, like: abscesses, wounds, pimples, swellings, persistent purulent wounds, chronic skin diseases including herpes, and red tense eyes.

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