Herbal infusions, which are basically strong teas,  are incredibly useful for providing the body with easy to assimilate nutrition.  It is best to use gentle, nutritive and tonifying herbs which act mostly as food for the body.  Examples are nettles,  chamomile, oatstraw and raspberry leaf.  This type of herbal preparation is used for extracting and making bio-available the richness of vitamins and minerals found in many plants.  It is important to note that herbs work over time to bring about health and increased vitality.  They do not offer quick fixes, but instead vitality that is deep, profound and long lasting!  When using herbs the most important thing to remember is to relax, have fun, listen to your body, and let your intuition be your guide!

Making Your Infusion Brew ~ Place 1 large handful of dried herb in a canning jar (using up to 1 ounce of herb per quart of liquid, experiment with your tastes).  Cover with hot or cold water, place a cap on top and let steep for at least  4 hours and then strain.  This will allow ample time for all the medicinal constituents including vitamins and minerals to be liberated from the plant material. You can dilute your infusion with water or juice, or add honey to taste.  I usually make my infusions before going to bed and then strain the infusion the next morning into a bottle I can carry around with me during the day.   You can use just one herb in your infusion or a blend of the herbs of your choice.  Please be sure to use appropriate containers such as canning jars as they will not break when exposed to the high heat of boiling water.  You can make extra quantities ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days.  Unused leftovers can be given to plants as a superb growth tonic, and the spent herbal matter makes excellent compost.

Dosage: the amounts below are approximate, start with a smaller amount and work up to the full dosage over time.

  • Adults drink one quart per day
  • Kids dosage should be calculated from their weight relative to the standard adult dosage assuming the adult dosage is for a 150 lb person.  Divide the child’s weight by 150.  For example, if the child weighs 50 lbs, divide 50 by 150 to get 1/3.  So the child would receive 1/3 the adult dosage.  Or in this case 1 1/3 cups of infusion per day.

Please note that for children and those with more sensitive constitutions  you may want to dilute infusions or make them with less herbal material especially if you are using a stronger medicinal.

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