Herbs For Kids

Looking for fun ways to introduce children to the magical world of herbs? Want ideas for taking care of your little one with the help of herbs? This is a great place to find all the fun, inspiring activities and posts about herbs and kids.

This page is constantly evolving as I add more activities, arts and crafts as well as resources for caring for children.  Please check back often!

mandala botanicals

Botanicals all set up for making mandalas.

Herb Crafts For Kids Big And Small

Aromatherapy ~

Bathes For Kids ~

Cinnamon And Spices ~

Chamomile ~

Elder ~

Fennel ~

Gifts Made By Children ~

Ginger ~

Holiday And Seasonal ~

Lavender ~

Mint ~

Play Dough ~

Roses ~

Violets ~

Tea and Homework

Doing homework after school with the support of a nice cup of relaxing tea.

Using Herbs With Kids 

Discovering violets

Meeting Viola odorata for the first time.

Herb Days ~

Make a new plant friend for the day!

Foot SoaksA friendly ginger foot soak on a cold wintry day.

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2 thoughts on “Herbs For Kids

  1. This is such an amazing gift to parents. Thanks so much for sharing it at Eco-Kids Tuesday. I featured you… yet again lol Hope you stop by and share again today!


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