Foot Soaks With Kids

Here is a great way to do foot soaks with kids even at preschool…

1.  Set up soaking containers with warm (not hot) water.  I use salad containers that I buy greens in for soaking.  These containers are a great size, cheap, stack nicely and can be washed for re-use or recycled.  Of course you can use any containers you have on hand.

2.  Set up child size chairs next to the soaking containers, you want the feet to reach and for them to be able to sit comfortably.  At preschool usually put two kids to each container due to space restrictions plus it is fun to have a partner!

3.  Set out all your supplies like salts, herbs, essential oils, massage oils and towels so you will have them close at hand.  Doing foot soaks with lots of kids requires total adult participation, you won’t have time to go looking around for things you need.  Playing some nice peaceful music adds a really nice touch to the whole experience too.

4.  Before having the kids sit for the foot soak, take a moment to talk with them and tell them what you are going to do.  Ask them to pick a chair to sit in, take off their socks placing them right nearby so they can get to their socks easily, and to roll up their pants.  Tell them to wait to put their feet in the water until you tell them it is time.  Mostly I tell the kids there is to be no splashing.  Splashing is fun, right?  But not when you are inside on a cold day and the chances of big messes are great.

5.  Once the kids are seated and I have checked that everyone is ready ~ their pant-legs are rolled up, socks tucked away nearby (I usually have them tuck their socks behind their back on the seat of their chair) etc…, I tell them they can put their feet in the water.

6.  Then one ingredient at a time we create their foot bath.  Sprinkling in salts, herbs and essential oils while talking about the properties of each thing gives the kids a chance to really experience everything first hand.  Plus it keeps them engaged.  Favorite herbs to use are ground spices like ginger and cinnamon, rose petals and lavender blossoms.  Gentle essential oils like lavender, spearmint and orange are wonderful for kids.

7.  Let them soak.  There are always a couple of kids that would soak all morning long if I let them and there are always a couple that are ready to move on with their day.  So I let them soak as long as the want, or as long as I can.

8.  I ask the kids to let me know when they are ready to get their feet out of the water.  I have them turn in their chair away from the water and I dry their feet.  Then, if they want, I give them a small drop of massage oil to rub on the bottom their feet.  I like to use herb infused oils like chamomile, rose or lavender for the kids.  Next, before they set foot on the floor, I have them put their socks on.  This not only keeps the floor oil free but keeps their tooties nice and warm.  See why you want their socks nearby?

9.  The final step is to enjoy all the relaxed smily little ones in your care.


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