Good Morning! The holidays are fast approaching and many of us herbies are crafting away making gifts for all the amazing folks in our lives. I wanted to share these wonderful presents my girls and I made last year for their teachers. Any one of these gifts would be great for all the special people in your life. My favorite recipe though is the candy cane bath salts we made. The are so fun to look at, smell great and are colored with roses and beet powder. Are you making anything special for gift giving? I would love to hear about it!!

Mama Rosemary ~ Has Moved!

Over the years our family has been truly blessed by all the wonderful teachers that have taught our children.  Amazing souls that have nourished and cared for our children, striving to do their best with each interaction.   Having guided and taught my kids with love, insight and a firm hand;  every single one of these people has not only passed on the required material but have also imparted their own unique wisdom and gifts to my children.  This is a most precious gift.

Our supply of gifts all done.

My kids and I love to make something special to give to these amazing people as a small gesture to tell them thank you and that we really do appreciate them.  The holidays provide a perfect reason to gift our teachers.  In years past we have made everything from cookies to hand painted picture frames to bath salts to tiny terrariums planted in glass balls.  This…

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