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♥ Summer Herb Camp: Final Week, The Sweetness of Rose ♥

Welcome to Mama Rosemary’s Herb Camp

Join us every week for a fun round-up of projects and ideas to do with your kids during the summer.  Each week will have a theme with lots of projects to do using herbs, exploring science and natural, holistic living plus some great crafts for good ol’ fashion fun!  Many projects can be adapted for multiple age ranges depending on your child’s interests and developmental stage.

Our last week of summer camp this year is all about one of the fairest of flowers, roses! 

Do you know that as well as being food for the soul, roses are medicinal and edible?  Kids love roses, really!  Little eyes light up with joy every time we use them at the preschool.  Often they want to give what ever we are making with roses to their mom, so sweet!  

Read about the benefits of roses and rose hips here.

Below you will find a collection of all things roses from Mama Rosemary, plus a few more ideas for spending a lovely summer day with this beautiful gift from nature!

Do as many of these activities as you want!  


Here are some projects using roses that full of creativity and flower magic!  

Just click on the pictures to get full instructions.

♥ Learn About Roses and Create Beautiful Art ♥ 

… make and try rose tea, rose paint, rose play dough and for the very wee ones, create a sensory bin.


… make hearts and crowns will baby rose buds!


… here is another way to make rose hearts, this is gooey, messy and lots of fun!


… one year I found these cute little grapevine wreaths which we decorated with baby rose buds, spices and glitter.


♥ Take Good Care and Put Roses In Your Bath 



♥ Get Hands-On With Roses and Dough  

… create aromatic meditative calm with mandalas. 

playdoughmandala - Edited 2

… make a beautiful keepsake! 


… enjoy the luscious pleasure of roses and chocolate!


Recipes and More


Make Tasty Treats With Roses ~

  • Make your very own rose hydrosol.  In this post, How To Make A Hydrosol, we focused on making peppermint hydrosol, if you want to make rose hydrosol just substitute rose petals for the peppermint!
  • Rose Hip Jam ~ soak rose hips in unsweetened apple juice overnight and use as a tasty jam high in vitamin C.
  • Rose Butter ~ whip fresh rose petals in softened butter for a beautiful addition to your meals.
  • Add a splash of rose water to whipped cream, ice cream, smoothies and fruit salads

Make Rose Accessories ~

  • Rose Barrettes, coming soon!

~ A Rosy Tidbit ~

Botanically the rose family has lots of plants that are familiar to many of us, including apples, pears, plums, raspberries, strawberries, cherries and apricots!

Thank you so much for joining us for Summer Herb Camp!  I hope you had a lot of fun playing with herbs.  


For More Camp Fun Please Visit These Links To Previous Weeks ~

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Roses At Preschool For Valentine’s Day ~ Rose Hearts

This simple hands-on project makes fragrant unique gifts for parents, friends and teachers.  Plus it fun!  How often do you get to mix lots of glue with something in a big bowl?  It is a blast to squirt and drizzle glue making patterns and bubbles of white glee!  And here is your chance to join in the fun.

What You Need

  • Dried Roses (or other fragrant plant material like lavender or even potpourri)
  • Glue
  • Ribbons
  • Bowl
  • Spoons
  • Wax Paper
  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters (or any other shape you want)

How To

Making the mixture

I did this with a group of kids.  We sat around the bowl together on the floor.  (Of course this would be easy to do with a child at home too!  And I am planning to make some of these with my own two precious girls before the big day next week.)  First put roses in a big bowl.

This is a great time to talk about roses.  Roses are considered to be heart opening and are traditionally associated with love and beauty.

We also looked at and read the Song of the Rose Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker.  Having collected many books and even a great little CD of songs about Ms. Barker’s fairies, I am always delighted to share this whimsical artistic world.

I let the kids play with the roses for a bit.  To smell and feel them.

Then it was time to add the glue.  Passing the glue and bowl around the group, I had each child squirt glue on to the roses.  They really enjoyed this!

You want to put in enough glue to coat the roses well.  Next stir the roses and glue up together.

Making the Shape

Take a cookie cutter and place it on a piece of wax paper.  Have the child press in enough rose mixture to fill in the cookie cutter.  If you want to hang you finished shape you can either make a hole in the mixture so you can add a ribbon for hanging later.  Or you can put a ribbon in when you are making the shape by threading it through the cookie cutter and pressing the rose mixture around the ribbon so that it comes out nicely on both sides of your shape.

While I had many heart cookies cutters with me, I also brought a bunch of other shapes for the kids to choose from.  We had everything from hearts, to a bunny to a rectangle!

The Final Product

Let the shapes dry for about 24 hours.  Then carefully remove them from the cookie cutter and wax paper.  Now you can add beads to the ribbon if you want!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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