A Fairy Gift ~ MYO Edible Fairy Garden Kit

Does your little fairy have a birthday party to go to soon?

Here is a fun project idea for creating a wonderful gift for fairy lovers of all kinds.

A few weeks ago my daughter little V had a birthday party to attend.  We decided to create a make your own fairy garden kit to gift one of her best friends on her special day.  We created a complete enchanted garden in a pot with lots of room for personalization; the perfect present from one fairy loving little girl to another.

MYO Fairy Garden

While making this gift think about the friend you are putting it together for and what she/he likes.  And, think small….

Here is a list of what we got for V’s friend ~

  • One big pot with a saucer
  • A bag of dirt
  • Outdoor paints in assorted colors and sponge or paint brushes
  • Little wooden bench for the fairies
  • Fairy sized garden tools
  • Pretty shiny glass rocks
  • A tiny fence
  • Butterflies
  • A fairy that V handcrafted for her friend, click here for directions to MYO!
  • Plants ~ we chose chocolate mint and pansies

The possibilities are endless with this garden.  Choose things you can easily find and that appeal to you and the intended receiver of the gift.  You may find tiny tables and chairs, little houses, wooden signs and chests to paint, birds, bugs and we even saw a little water well.  Most of the things we found at our local Hobby Lobby and garden store.

Other ideas for edible plants include lemon balm, any of the mints, thyme, oregano, anise hyssop, lavender and on and on.  Visit the herb section of your local nursery!

MYO Fairy Garden

After placing all the items inside the big pot (like a giant gift basket) we wrapped everything up in a huge gift bag and included a little letter for V’s friend telling her how to assemble her garden and about the plants we included.

The letter went something like this ~


Inside This Bag You Will Find Everything You Need

To Make Your Own Fairy Herb Garden!  

~ Directions ~

1.  Paint Your Pot, Saucer And Your Bench

2.  Fill Pot With Dirt

3.  Plant Your Violas (Pansies) And Chocolate Mint Plants

4.  Water Your Garden

5.  Install Fence And Walkways Using Shiny Stones

6.  Install Bench

7.  Put In Fairy, Garden Tools And Butterflies

8.  Have Fun And Enjoy

~ About Violas (Pansies) And Chocolate Mint ~

You can pick the pansy flowers off and eat them.  They are tasty in honey, fruit and veggie salads, coated with sugar to make candied pansies and as a decoration for pretty desserts.  

You can pick off the leaves and flowers of the chocolate mint and eat them or use them to make tea.  Mix into food just like the pansies.  Great for tummy aches, for cooling off on a hot summer day and during colds/flu.  Cut the stems right above where a pair of leaves are growing off  the main stem to encourage bushy growth.  

Love V!

Enjoy Your Garden!!

For more fun fairy ideas pop on over our Summer Herb Camp!

MYO Fairy Garden


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