♥ Summer Herb Camp: Week One Fairy Fun ♥

Welcome to Mama Rosemary’s Herb Camp

Join us every week for a fun round up of projects and ideas to do with your kids during the summer.  Each week will have a theme with lots of projects to do using herbs, exploring science and natural, holistic living plus some great crafts for good ol’ fashion fun!  Many projects can be adapted for multiple age ranges depending on your child’s interests and developmental stage.

♥ Let’s visit with the wee fairy folk

Our first week of summer camp is all about fairies!

Below you will find books, projects and even online sites you can visit as you delve into the world of fairies.  Do as many of these activities as you want!  

Books & More

Start your journey into the world of Fae with a couple of lovely books about fairies.  

The Complete Book Of The Flower Fairies

by Cicely Mary Barker


Have you seen the adorable, beautiful paintings by Cicely Mary Barker?  If you haven’t you are in for a treat!  These are some of our very favorite fairies and if you look around you will find a plethora of books, activities books, figurines and more based on these fairies.  The Complete Book Of The Flower Fairies is a compilation of all the smaller Flower Fairy books by Barker.  Full of beautiful paintings and poems all created by Barker, this book really stimulates and inspires the imagination.  My girls and I adore the delightful little poems and amazing paintings which were done from children modeling as fairies.  

Flower Fairy Alphabet CD

flower fairy ABC

Another of our favorite’s based on Ms. Barker’s fairies is this wonderful CD.  On this CD Barker’s sweet poems are lovingly set to music.  It really sounds like little fairies singing!  We have spent many happy hours listen to this CD, singing along and then finding the corresponding flowers out in the world.

Fairy Houses

by Tracy Cane


Go on a magical journey with Kristen in this is lovely book all about creating a fairy house in a beautiful wood using only natural materials (which are preferred by fairies).  If your kids are anything like mine when you finish reading this with them they will be heading outside with great anticipation and excitement over building their own fairy house.   


Here are some fairy projects full of creativity and fairy magic!  

Just click on the pictures to get full instructions.

♥ Make A Fairy Garden ♥ 

… with edible plants 

chamomile fairy3

… or even dinosaurs!


♥ Make Your Very Own Fairy Friend To Join You In The Garden ♥ 

fairyrain - Edited3

♥ Craft A Fairy Crown From Roses or Mint ♥ 



♥ Create A Fairy Snow Globe 



More Fairy Fun Ideas

Host a Fairy Tea Party with Herbal Treats ~

  • Iced infusions made with the yummiest of herbs like lemon balm, mint or chamomile
  • Bake cookies with mint or lemon balm
  • Sugared Flowers
  • Freeze ice cubes with pretty edible flowers inside to keep your infusion cold
  • Serve dandelion biscuits with rose petal butter

Build A Fairy House ~

Go to one of you favorite places in nature and build a house for the fairies out of natural materials you find around you.  Be sure to check back on your house regularly to see how the fairies are enjoying it!  

Make Fairy Accessories For Your Little Fairy ~

Like wands and crowns and even wings!  There are a lot of amazing ideas for creating your own beautiful fairy accessories online.  Just a quick search away!


The Magic Onions Fairy Garden Contest ~  check out all the wonderful fairy gardens and get inspired.  Seriously there are some super cute, creative gardens here.  Don’t forget to enter the contest if you make your own fairy garden!

Flower Fairies ~ the official site for Cicely Mary Barker’s fairies and enjoy the online fun and free activity sheets.

Looking for a fairy gift?

Check out A Fairy Git ~ MYO Edible Fairy Garden Kit!

I am so glad you stopped by!  

Please join us again next week for lots of aromatic fun with herbs and essential oils all mixed up together in a classic favorite, play dough! 

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9 thoughts on “♥ Summer Herb Camp: Week One Fairy Fun ♥

  1. So many fantastic ideas…flowers and fairies, what a wonderful combination for those little princesses!

  2. What is rose petal butter? I WANT!!!! 🙂

    • Making rose petal butter is simple! Just gather some rose petals, trim off the little white part where the petal attached to the flower head, chop up the petals and blend into softened butter. You can add a little tidge of honey for sweetness if you want! Experiment with the petal to butter ratio until you find one you like perhaps starting with a couple of tablespoons of chopped rose petals to a 1/2 cup of butter. Remember to only use unsprayed roses! Happy munching!

  3. I love all your ideas! Thanks for sharing your Herb Camp post with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! I am featuring it tomorrow! Please stop by and link up again! http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/search/label/Eco-Kids%20Tuesday

  4. Oh these are lovely ideas! We made fairy soup and fairy mud last week! The hooligans will love some of these activities!

    • I love your fairy soup and especially your fairy mud. Can’t believe how much fun it would be to create and play with. Thanks for dropping by!

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