Guidelines for Using Herbs Safely

Recently I have shared a lot of fun little projects for kids~ kids and worms, kids and volcanoes, kids and lady bugs.  Today I want to talk about something a bit more serious, using herbs and herbal medicines safely.


This is an important albeit somewhat slippery topic.  Every person is different and just as with any substance, we each have the potential to react differently to herbs.  Yet there are ways to approach and use herbs safely so we can harvest the amazing health enhancing benefits of plants.

In fact, people often make the mistake of thinking herbs are completely safe because they are a natural products.  While others consider herbs unsafe due to lack of testing and regulation.  The truth is that just as with anything there are benefits and risks with using herbs.  So how can you reap the benefits of using herbs while lowering, if not eliminating risks?  The more you know when using herbs the safer you will be!

To read more about this important topic please visit Natural Living Mamma were I shared a guest post on this topic.

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3 thoughts on “Guidelines for Using Herbs Safely

  1. I visited and read! Great post!!!! Really helpful, well documented info. Thanks for this 🙂

  2. Herbal medicine is the playfulness of healing. This delight has been relished in since ancient times. The herbs can be more of a catalyst to the greater healing one finds within, a meditation and search for what was lost or what needs replenishing, body and soul.
    In our most recent blog post Susun Weed opens up her series on herbal wisdom for maternal health eloquently with a discovery of an Ancient Birthing Circle and its mysterious powers and hidden gems.
    Herbs can bring one to different states of healing and through understanding their delicacies and complexities, one can utilize them as great tools to add to one’s Midwife Education and enhances skills and experiences previously developed through Midwife Training .
    Healing is easy, it is our recognition of that healing that can be a bit slow.

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