Minty Mint Bath

Mint in the tub enlivens the senses and restores the spirit so this is a wonderful bath for when you need a little happy boost!

flowering peppermint

Here is how to make your very own mint bath  ~

In a cloth or muslin bag wrap:

  • 1 to 2 large handfuls of dried peppermint leaves
  • a good sprinkle of lavender blossoms

Toss the bundle in the tub and fill with the hottest water from your facuet.  Let the herbs steep in the tub until the water is cool enough for bathing about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the heat of your water.  The water will turn a deep greenish yellow brown, like a giant cup of peppermint tea.

Next Add:

  • a handful of epsom salt
  • 6 drops of spearmint (not peppermint*) essential oil

Climb in and enjoy this happy, refreshing bath!

After my bath ~

I felt calm as I always do after bathing yet I also had a sense of wanting to inhale the moment.  The rest of the afternoon found me happily going about my business with peaceful energy.  Plus my skin smelled sweet and nice, a bit minty, yum!

* A Note On Peppermint Essential Oil:  Every time I try putting peppermint in my bath I get burned, even with just one drop!  I start to feel an itchy uncomfortable sensation on my skin and must get out to rub down with olive oil, which dilutes the peppermint.  People react differently to things and it is possible that I am sensitive to peppermint.  Try peppermint essential oil in your bath, if you wish, but please start with one drop and go from there.

If you are following me on the Nourishing Mama Mission, this is the first bath recipe to add to The Art of Bathing.  Thanks for reading and happy bathing!

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7 thoughts on “Minty Mint Bath

  1. Sustain, Create and Flow

    Hi! I have read that peppermint oil should be avoided for nursing mamas, due to it reducing supply. Just wanted to pass that info on to anyone else who it may serve. I avoid all minty things right now just to be safe 🙂 Mamas have enough to worry about, aside from their milk! 🙂 This bath is really calling my name, though. Great post!

    • You bring up such a great point. It is so important to use caution during breast feeding because everything we do as mothers affects our milk. A favorite book I used during my breastfeeding years is The Nursing Mother’s Herbal by Sheila Humphrey. In it appendix on plant safety she says that peppermint and spearmint leaf (not essential oil) have a class A safety rating and are “generally considered safe when used appropriately.” Of course, if a mama feels weary of any herb or substance, it is best to use caution. Thanks so much for your helpful comment!!

      • Sustain, Create and Flow

        I have been looking for a good book like the one you mention. Thanks for sharing it! So very helpful for me right now. I am always doing random google searches and never know what I can or can’t have. It’s frustrating and I think that book might help. Thanks!!! 😉

        • You are welcome! The author is a ob- gyn RN and La Leche League Leader so I feel pretty comfortable with her knowledge. I was really excited when I found this book during my last pregnancy. It is so helpful to have a reliable source!

  2. I get burned by peppermint oil in the bath too! I did find that if I dilute it in a carrier oil or infuse it in bath salts I don’t get burned, but generally I don’t like peppermint oil in bath either. I have not tried spearmint yet. I have a bottle so Ill try!

    And I also have that book and LOVE it! It is a wonderful reference for nursing moms.

    • Interesting to hear you have had a similar experience. Thanks for letting me know! Yes, The Nursing Mother’s Herbal is a wonderful reference; invaluable for us mama’s!

  3. I just love anything with mint and this bath sounds very lovely!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Wildcrafting Wednesday #77 at Real Food Real
    !  Please come by again this week and join us for Wildcrafting Wednesday #78!

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