Fresh Thyme And Lemon Balm Honey

The first snow is magical.  We were blessed with that special magic just over a week ago.  Just a light dusting,  it was beautiful.  The snow brought huge smiles to my girls’ faces in anticipation of winter fun.  Preparation for the storm included a trip the garden for one last harvest.  My little one followed along side me and helped me bring in our veggies and herbs.  As we rambled through the yard we found our  way to the fairy garden we planted a couple of months ago during the heat of summer.  We found a large amount of thyme and lemon balm all ready to come inside and join us for the winter.  We decided to make a little treat for getting us through the long winter ahead ~ herbal infused honey, yummy!

Fresh Thyme and Lemon Balm Needs A Bit Of Sorting

Infusing honey with herbs could not be easier…

Pack the herb into the bottom of a jar.

Fresh Thyme

Pour honey over the top.  Use a chop stick or a knife to stir the herbs into the honey because the honey will sit on top of the herbs and need a bit of help making its way to the bottom of the jar.

Before Stirring The Honey In

Some fun gooey bubbles will come up and insight potential giggles from little onlookers.

Honey Bubbles

After stirring you will see the honey level go down and will need to add some more to top it off.  Perhaps the fairies took a little sip?

After Stirring

Then comes the hardest part, waiting.  Waiting for the honey to be done.  If you can, try to wait at least a week before you start eating your honey.  Truth be told we have already “tasted” the honeys many times and even had some on pancakes.  Ah well…

Make sure to label your honey and stir it every day.    Or you can simply turn the jar over a couple of times a day.  This great tip and a wonderful video tutorial from Mountain Rose Herbs on making herbal honeys can be found HERE.  After a week or so has passed either strain the herbs out of your honey or just eat them along with the honey.

Please Note:  When infusing fresh herbs in honey you want to be sure to keep the herbs covered in honey so they don’t rot.  The water content in the herbs is what makes this happen.  By keeping the herbs covered the honey preserves them and prevents spoilage.  It is really hard to keep the herbs covered which is why turning the jar over a couple of times a day is just brilliant   Because the flipping of the jar doesn’t keep the herbs submersed in honey, but it does keep the herbs coated and that does the trick!

How to use infused honey…

Well this is the easy part!  

A tasty spoonful here and there…
Spread on biscuits and toast…
A big dollop in a cup of tea…

It gets even better though because the HONEY is infused with the medicinal properties of the plants, it becomes delicious little immune system boost during the winter.  Along with the amazing healing benefits of honey, LEMON BALM is a wonderful antiviral which eases tension in the nervous system and lifts the spirits.  Thyme, rich in essential oils, is an antiseptic that is amazing for spasmodic coughs and fighting off infection.  The thyme combined with soothing honey should be wonderfully soothing for respiratory issues.

Does it get any better than this?

Lemon Balm and Thyme Honey

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6 thoughts on “Fresh Thyme And Lemon Balm Honey

  1. This is great! I have been wanting to do this a while now and just have not had time! Do you filter out the herbs or just leave them in? Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Monday!

    • Thanks Amanda! We made my first adventure with herbal honey was in herb school when we made Violet Honey which is beyond divine! And so easy to make. You can leave the herbs in or take them out, either way. Though with strong herbs like lavender, it is best to take them out. Thanks for reading and for hosting your great link-up!

  2. Susan Massey

    Sam and I may have to do our own harvest. I had no idea it was so easy to infuse honey. Thanks for the tip.

  3. anna briggs

    Your whole website is AMAZING!!!!

    • Wow, so nice of you to say! Gives me a warm feeling in my heart! I am really excited about Mama Rosemary and look forward to added more and more to it as time goes on. Thank you so very much for reading!

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