Meditation Friends

Inspired by the excitement over the snowglobes we made earlier this year, I decided we should try another watery glitter project.  This one has a different purpose than to capture a bit of whimsical winter in a bottle.  Taking a cue from one of my family’s favorite books, Peaceful Piggy Meditation, we decided to make special meditation jars with personality!

This was a simple happy project.  First we read our Piggy Meditation book.  We talked about how sometimes our minds just won’t stop thinking or maybe we feel really sad or angry.  We talked about how taking a few deep breaths and finding a calm place inside ourselves can help us to feel better.  Then I showed the kids a Meditation Friend that I had made as an example for our project.   I shook it up and explained that the glitter swirling around inside is like our thoughts when they are overwhelming or angry or sad.  Next we took a few deep breaths while watching the glitter settle down in the jar, and while feeling our thoughts settle inside our minds.  We played with the Meditation Friend pretending it was mad or just had too many thoughts by shaking it up and then we helped our friend calm down with some big, deep breaths.

After our discussion each kid made their own Meditation Friend.

What you need to make your own ~

  • Bottle or Jar with water tight lid (I used plastic water bottles to prevent breakage but glass would work fine as well.)
  • Water
  • Glitter or Glitter Glue (Glitter glue will make it take longer for the “thoughts” to settle down.  Use warm water if you choose to use glue)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Decorations (We used peel and stick foamies)
  • Ribbon or Yarn
  • Fabric Scraps

Simply place water and glitter in the bottle and secure shut.  Then have the child decorate their bottle to look like a face with googly eyes and any other materials you have on hand.  I used peel and stick foamies because, well, they are easy!  Then give the new friend a hat by securing a piece of cloth on top of the bottle with ribbon or yarn.  Easy Peasy!

 In the days following this project, I had a number of the students who made these tell me that they used it when they felt sad or lonely or mad and, that it helped!  Yeah!

Please Note:  This activity was based on an activity at the end of this amazing, fun book.  My six-year-old loves this book.  We re-read it often when she is going through a hard time in her life and it seems to really speak to her.

Peaceful Piggy Meditation

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14 thoughts on “Meditation Friends

  1. What a fun project! I also like how it is a nice way to discuss feelings and appropriate ways to deal with them. I have not heard of this book but I am off to look it up.

    • Great! It is a wonderful book. I think there is a Peaceful Piggy Yoga book too. Thanks for looking and for your kind comment!
      Have fun!

  2. Thank you for sharing the book. I have never heard of it before, and I think it would be a great resource in our house. I have been wanting to make a meditation jar for a long time. I need to get on it!

    • HI Rebekah, It is a truly wonderful book. They did a great job with it. The kids were very responsive to this project. I think they liked making a face on the jar, it made the project easier to relate too.

  3. They’re so cute, and what a nice way to introduce young children to the idea of meditation.

  4. Hi again! Very cute and calming 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the Weekly Kids co-op. Hope to see you again next week. xoxo P

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  6. sibelhodge

    Hi, I’m stopping by as part of the Kid Lit Blog Hop. What a great post! I’m loving the idea of this book to introduce children to meditation. I’ve done daily meditations for the last year and can’t tell you how much it’s helped me. I’ll definitely be check it out 🙂

    • Thanks! Peaceful Piggy Meditation is really a great book. I just did this activity with the kids at the preschool again last week and they really got into the book. Then we had a fun time making their ‘Friends’. I hope you enjoy the book!

  7. What a great analogy watching the glitter float around and settle. So glad you linked into the Kid Lit Blog Hop and I hope you can join us again. You have a lovely site! 🙂

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