Pondering Wrinkles, Again…

Perceptive Pint Size Ponderings For Your Monday Amusement

One of my favorite things about being with children is the insightful, funny and innocent things they say.  We have all heard them and hopefully had a heart warming, funny or ah-ha moment inspired by the sweetness of a child

Here is something particularly perceptive, amusing or wonderful that I had the honor of being part of…

The other day we were watching TV and a commercial come on that showed a woman getting a face peel.  Instantly Violet’s eyes were glued to the screen.

With complete fascination she asked, “Why are they peeling off  her face?”

Then she thought about it and said, “Maybe it is because it will take away the wrinkles and make her face more smoother.”

Next she checks me out and looking at my face says, “Your not too wrinkly mommy.”

Smiling, I  look at her and scrunch up my face getting an instant reaction, “Mommy!  When you do that you look like you have a 10,000 wrinkles!”

“Thanks Violet…”

“Don’t worry mommy, Mamaw (this is what we call one of our grandmas) earned her wrinkles. It’s okay, she told me.”

“How did she earn her wrinkles Violet?”

“By worrying about people…”

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