Super Fun Homemade Gift Idea for Little Ones

Playdough, need I say more?  

Maybe it is just me and my obsession with the stuff.  I do seem to talk about it a lot and make it often.  But in my opinion, playdough is really one of the best homemade gifts for little kids.  I smile every year when I make up a big batch of Christmas playdough to send off in the mail to all the sweet young ones in my life and of course I always make extra for my own kids to play with, though this year they seem less interested.  So sad, I guess they are growing up!

Last night we made up a special batch to send off.  We used lots of fun things to make it smell and sparkle like the Holidays.

ground cinnamon, copious amounts
ground cloves
beet root powder  for color
pink rose petals
orange essential oil
lots of different colors of glitter

Once it was all cooked up and had cooled off we portioned it into plastic bags to keep it fresh and then wrapped it with sparkly tissue paper.  This will make a fun addition to gifts we send off in the mail and makes me smile to think that maybe it is a becoming a tradition!

For detail instructions on making your own lovely playdough check out my Herbal Playdough entry, it has full instructions and lots of ideas!

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4 thoughts on “Super Fun Homemade Gift Idea for Little Ones

  1. I am so with you on how playdough is one of the best gifts for kids (and adults too 😉 ). There is the creativity, and the therapy that are benefits of playing with it … and it is a clean mess! Who couldn’t love that!

  2. Kathy

    This is absolutely gourgeous! What a creative idea.

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